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Top 10 Most Brutal Witch Hunts in History



Top 10 Most Brutal Witch Hunts in History // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW ----------------------- CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW!

When it comes to witches, witchcraft, spells, witch hunters, witch torture and witch executions, everyone knows about the Salem Witch Trials. But there are other terrible witch trials throughout history, like the Affair of the Poisons, the Northamptonshire Witch Trials and the Great Scottish Witch Hunt, that all saw thousands of people executed for witchcraft. WatchMojo counts down ten of the most infamous real-life witch hunts ever.

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00:32 #10. Northamptonshire Witch Trials (1612)
01:21 #9. The Chelmsford Witches (1566)
02:10 #8. The Great Scottish Witch Hunt (1597)
02:57 #7. The Paisley/Bargarran Witches (1697)
03:45 #6. The Pappenheimers (1600)
04:30 #5. Affair of the Poisons (167782)
05:10 #4. The Pendle Witches (1612)
05:58 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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